Sensitive Therapy & Counseling

with Jessica Magenheimer, LMFT

Online psychotherapy throughout California, Oregon, Nevada, Ohio, North Dakota, Virginia, Alaska, Delaware, Vermont and internationally.

Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here.

Do you feel like you get “stuck” on past mistakes, even little ones?

Are you constantly replaying your interactions with others in your mind?

Are you afraid to say no to others, even when it means overcommitting yourself or doing things that don’t fit with your values or self-respect?

Do you have trouble taking care of your own needs… or do you feel guilty when you do?

Do you struggle to rest, relax, or unwind (because you “should” be doing something else for others)?

Do you feel drained or resentful of other people, or taken advantage by them?

Are you setting up expectations of yourself that are impossible to meet?

Do you feel like people won’t accept you or like you unless you don’t “make waves”?

Do you feel unworthy of taking up space in the world?

Do you struggle to set boundaries, or enforce them once they’ve been stated? or are you completely lost when it comes to the idea that you could have boundaries in the first place?

Are you unable to let go of things that have happened?

Do you feel like a bad person if you don’t constantly think of others, anticipate their needs, or help them?

Do you feel like if you put yourself first you will be “acting selfish” or will lose relationships?

Do you feel like you have to “fix” things immediately if someone expresses negative feelings toward you, even if what they’re saying or asking doesn’t feel right with you?

Do you avoid conflict like the plague?

Do you feel paralyzed by indecision, sure that you’ll make the wrong choice?

Are you living for others’ praise or approval, or are you unsure of your identity because you’re so accustomed to trying to be whoever you. think others want you to be?

If this is you, I’ve got you.  I’m Jessica, and I’m here to help you not just live your life, but to thrive.

I specialize in treating Highly Sensitive People, recovering perfectionists, and people-pleasers.  If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, we’d be a great fit! 

We’ll shift your story so you can see your sensitivity to others as a strength and superpower, not a liability. You’ll be able to live in and fully embrace the present. You’ll be a boundaries badass who feels confident and at ease with your decisions. You’ll learn to take your perfectionism head on, and live in the gray area rather than in black or white. 

You’ll feel comfortable with being authentic and vulnerable, and you’ll have action steps that feel good.

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