One of the most valuable tools we can learn as adults is how to calm our own frayed nerves

When we were children, our caregivers did this for us…

And now we may do it unknowingly (think of how we might long for a hot bath at the end of a rough day)

But if we can choose to practice self-soothing intentionally, we’ll get even better at it!

The best way to self-soothe?

Draw upon your five senses! For example, I use:

Sight: photographs of nature and animals I’ve saved on my phone

Hearing: a playlist of relaxing songs and ocean sounds

Touch: the softest scarf I run through my fingers or rub my cheek against

Smell: a eucalyptus essential oil roll-on for my wrists and vanilla honey candles

Taste: Werther’s caramels that make me nostalgic for childhood road trips

I highly recommend creating a self-soothe kit with items you can grab in the midst of a stressful moment..

Because you are worth it!

What would be in yours?

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