So you’ve spent your life taking care of people..

(Whether they asked you to or not)

Getting really good at seeing their needs, and even anticipating them

And it’s hard to turn down the volume on your sensitivity to others’ needs…

Even though that’s required you to turn down the volume on YOUR needs

to the point that it feels icky even to have them.

So not that you’re trying your best

to give yourself permission to have needs

and to pursue getting them met…

It feels foreign


It gets easier the more that you practice it…

And before you know it, you’ll be like:

“Oh yeah, I need that…”

“Oh yeah, I’m telling you if you’re not meeting my needs…”

And it won’t feel so icky to have them and pursue them

Needs AND wants

Because you’re tuned back into your own channel, so to speak!


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